The PersonBrain Model™ is a powerful, trauma informed care training that is strengths-based and provides essential positive behavior support skills within a NeuroRelational Model. The NeuroRelational care approach is grounded in research and incorporates the best of practical brain-based concepts, trauma-informed theories, relational practices, ecological psychology and culturally-responsive interventions to help transform challenging behaviors. Given its multi-theoretical design, The PersonBrain Model™ is compatible with a wide variety of training's your organization might already incorporate, helping to blend general practice into one, coherent model.


Jan and Beth met in 1988 when they were both working as Social Workers, Jan in non-government agency providing residential care for children and Beth was working for State Government (Department for Child Protection and Family Support). They both soon realised a shared passion and commitment to children and families and a professional partnership and friendship grew. They have worked together since this time and have jointly presented at conferences sharing their respective experiences of helping families and children.

In 2001, Jan attended a seminar presented by Dr Larry Brendtro from Reclaiming Youth International, USA where he introduced the Circle of Courage philosophy based on the universal needs of all children for: belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. Dr Brendtro, soon after developed a model to translate the principles in the Circle of Courage to practice and called this: Response Ability Pathways. RAP training offers participants knowledge and practical skills to manage the challenges presented by children suffering trauma. Jan and Beth, both working with children in out of home care, and with their respective carers could see the value in teaching this model to carers and others who work with challenging youth.

In 2002 Jan gathered a small group of interested professionals together for the purpose of bringing Dr Larry Brendtro and other lead educators in this model to Perth. This group was called Circle Seminars and whilst over the years the early members have now moved off in different directions, Jan and Beth have continued to volunteer their time and energy to bring quality training, cutting edge knowledge based on most recent research, to support those who work with vulnerable children and Youth. We are dedicated and committed to the well being and welfare of all children and young people. We believe that by supporting those who work with children with the best education upholds our commitment. Circle Seminars is the vehicle to bring lead educators to Perth and as a not for profit organisation is able to offer trainings to those working with youth and children at risk and with complex needs, at affordable prices!

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